We are happy to be able to provide many unique wellness options in our studio.  We offer Thai bodywork, massage, Ayurveda consultations, Veda Pulse readings and private yoga sessions.  Our  studio is combined with The Herbiary of Blue Ridge. a store bringing our community loose herbs, Fire Tonic, handmade salves, specialty blended oils and extracts . They carefully craft each of their products in the store. Bath bombs and washin' powders and our locally sourced seasonal produce are some of the most popular products. 

Wellness Offerings

AYURVEDA literally “the science of life”, seeks to support

a rich, flavorful life on all levels. The Sanskrit word rasa

translates as “juice” or “flavor.” It is also the name of the

primary nutritional substance of the body that is associated

with plasma and lymph.  If rasa is healthy, the entire body is

likely to have vitality and the mind will feel satiated, content

and find enjoyment in life. If we want to support healthy rasa,

Ayurveda has taught that we need to have appropriate daily

routines. We need to develop habits that support balance and

health within shifting environments. A fundamental tenet of Ayurveda is that “like increases like.” For example the relative heat of midday will increase the heat in the body and mind and increase the power of agni, the digestive fire. This means that we will have greater digestive capacity in the middle of the day and so this is the best time to eat our main meal. The early morning, being cool and a time of change, is a beneficial time to create internal heat through exercise and to engage in a routine that centers the mind. Each time of day comes with inherent qualities. While morning and evening tend to be cool and are related to change, midday is a time of action and appetite. If we are interested in maintaining a healthy equilibrium, it is incumbent upon us to recognize these qualities and learn how to respond in a manner that maintains balance. How we respond will, in part depend on our individual constitutions. What will feel good to one person may cause irritation or anxiety in another. If we understand a little bit about our own constitutions, we can better understand how to develop daily routines that support health.

Ayurvedic Consultation with Christina Law $25 hourly. Please call to schedule an appointment.

What is Ayurveda

A Pulse Diagnosis...

There are millions of diets and ways of living, but are any right for you? 
Well it all depends on your unique constitution according to Ayurveda. You might be eating what seems like the best foods in the world yet some choices could be aggravating and causing you symptoms that you might be frustrated about.  We tend to naturally be attracted to what is aggravating in our lives, be it food, lifestyle, aromas etc..What if you could find out exactly what foods and ways of being that could bring you back into a harmonious body and energy. Christina Law offers Ayurveda readings with a VEDA PULSE computer software, a Heart Rate Variability technology approved by one of the top lead gurus in Ayurveda, Vasant Lad.  It is based on the traditional factors of Ayurvedic pulse assessments and is an accurate and advanced analytical system that determines the current state of someone’s health. It is an amazing tool to quantify and support diagnosis, treatment protocols and monitor outcomes.  Christina will go through specific charts with the client on lifestyle and diet and look at the specifics of where symptoms might be coming from. This session takes about 2 hours with a follow up email with all of the info. Please email Christina for any additional info at awakeningbalance@gmail.com or at 404-587-8016.

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