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Our staff is here to help inspire both you and your practice. Since our styles are diverse, we encourage you to come try a variety of classes. If you have any questions about a class style please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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​​“Learning to trust what resides deep in my heart is one of the most valuable gifts yoga continues to give me.” It is this truth Heather strives to share with students. Just by stepping onto the mat, there is a threshold we can go through, if we choose, one where we are consciously there supporting ourselves through a physical practice, and so begins the trust in our outermost layer, our body. Heather aspires to guide students inward, toward their courage and wisdom, in a supportive, caring, fun, and adventurous way.
She began teaching yoga in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains after receiving her first certification in 2003 from the Asheville Yoga Center, and is in the process of completing her 500hr level of certification in Atlanta. Regionally, Heather offers weekly yoga classes, workshops, private sessions, and group retreat classes.
She has had the honor and opportunity to study and learn from many remarkable teachers including, Desiree Rumbaugh, Sarah Faircloth, John Friend, Christina Sell, Gina Minyard, Mitchel Bleier, and Stephanie Keach.

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Eleanor (who also goes by her childhood nickname Ellie) grew up in Alpharetta, Georgia. She graduated high school in Blairsville, GA and received her Associate of Science from Young Harris College before going on to complete a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Geography from the University of Georgia. Eleanor holds the Earth very close to her heart and cares deeply about the environment. Therefor, after finishing college, she moved to Arizona to do environmental conservation work with AmeriCorps and lived in the backcountry. A year and a half later, she went back to school at Northern Arizona University and completed a Master of Arts in Sustainable Communities, focusing her thesis on water. After living in Arizona for nearly 5 years, Eleanor decided it was time to move back to the Southeast where she grew up to be closer to family, and she landed in Charleston, SC for 2.5 years where she worked for a solar energy company. Eleanor completed her 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training with Ancient Roots Yoga School during her time in Charleston. She still works remotely for Alder Energy Solar during the week from Ellijay where she lives! Eleanor enjoys helping people, horseback riding, reading fiction novels, and spending time with her father when she's not practicing yoga, working, or teaching class! 

Amanda's yoga journey began years ago. In 2012, she attended her first RYT course and instantly fell in love with teaching. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans for her that year, and her course was cut short due to health reasons. It was during her rehabilitation that Amanda found through breathwork, yoga, and meditation she could accept and understand that there is always more than one path to any journey. In 2013, Amanda was able to return to her studies and complete her 200 hour training, through Peachtree Yoga, with a new perspective on life, love and Yoga. Finding that she wanted to deepen her practice and knowledge, Amanda completed her 500 RYT  with Etowah Valley Yoga while simultaneously completing her 130 hour Prenatal certification and Women's Health training. While beginning to focus on the wellness aspects of a yogic life she became certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork finding this to help unify the mind body connection. It is her hope that this journey she began will continue to be full of exploration and limitless learning.  She is currently expanding her studies with Etowah Valley Yoga, delving into the deeper therapeutic aspects of yoga.  Amanda looks forward to her weekend workshops and sharing the knowledge and love of "going beyond the pose."  She teaches yoga foundations, flow, restorative, chair, and yin classes and enjoys working in group or private sessions.

Amanda Dilbeck

Owner and Instructor

I have been practicing yoga for many years and it has brought me a deep connection with myself, others, and the community.  I have been a public school teacher for the past 15 years.  In my classroom I practiced yoga with my students on a daily basis.  I saw how yoga helped kids relax, focus, and become more aware of their body and mind.  When children learn techniques for self health, relaxation and inner fulfillment, they can navigate life’s challenges with a little more ease.
    I decided to enhance my experience with kids yoga by becoming a certified kids yoga teacher through the Grounded Kids Yoga Program in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Grounded program uses principles and practices found in Hatha Yoga and inspires each individual to ground themselves in order to elevate their life and the lives of others.  I am truly excited to provide meaningful, upbeat and energetic classes, that foster self expression, positive body awareness, positive thinking, social skills and environmental awareness.

Eleanor McTyre

Instructor RYT 200

Heather Huck 

Instructor RYT 200

Regina VanLeuven 

Kids Instructor 

Christina offers a range of experiences and modalities to meet the unique needs we all face in a world full of complexity. She combines deep and slow Yin Yoga with a faster and stronger Yang practices to help balance her students. In the slower practices she loves to weave in all kinds of spiritual teachings that have helped her along the way. She  frequently enjoys playing the guitar and singing during class. She has a new diagnostic tool called a Veda Pulse that reads the imbalances in the body from an Ayurvedic perspective, and recommends the lifestyle, foods and yoga poses to get back into balance. She does Thai Yoga Bodywork combined with Fasterr EFT in private sessions and can offer  Faster EFT and  Body Thriving programs to individual clients, via Skype, to help detox, lose weight and restore vitality through hardcore self-care and habit changing practices. She received her 200 hour Yoga certification in Vinyassa Yoga at PYC (Peachtree Yoga Center) in 2000, Prenatal Yoga certification in 2003, Thai Bodywork certification in Thailand in 2005, 100 hour Yin Yoga and meditation intensive with Sarah Powers at the Kripalu Institute in 2007, 500 hour Yoga certification at PYC and Pranic Healing in 2008, completed Living Ayurveda course May 2016 and is is currently in training for certification in Faster EFT.

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Christina Law

Owner and Instructor