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At Yoga and Wellness of Blue Ridge, we go beyond classes. If you have tried one of our beginner's yoga classes or a yoga flow than you should also try a one on one Thai Bodywork session.
We use techniques such as stretching, compression and focus on trigger points in this private session, to open your body in ways you cannot expect from any other bodywork.
To schedule your appointment call

402-302-2363. If you would like to request a specific practitioner please just let us know. If you would like a little more information click here.

Winter Solstice Practice 

The Longest Night

Join Amanda on Friday, December 20th at 6 PM


At Yoga and Wellness of Blue Ridge, our goal is to help you get started living the extraordinary life you deserve. We offer beginners yoga classes to warm power flow and many options in between. Since our expansion in 2018, we now have 2 bodywork rooms, 2 studios, and a boutique offering all your yoga needs. We are the only full yoga studio located in the heart of Blue Ridge, Georgia just minutes from Ellijay and McCaysville. We offer 30 classes weekly and are available for private sessions too.

Creating an Intention Board for 2020

Saturday, January 4th at 1 pm 

Please join Amanda for a special class to create your personalized intention board for 2020.  As we begin looking at our New Year we will first look back at what last year has brought us and taught us. Then continuing our journey through 2019 to see what we can build upon and what we can let go of as we use mindfulness and intention to create a board to help keep us stay focused moving forward in 2020. All supplies needed will be provided, with upgrade options available. 

Yoga and Wellness of Blue Ridge

Thai Bodywork 

As sunlight fades into the days of long cold night, animals, throughout history, have prepared for hibernation and the journey into a slower cycle. For centuries humankind followed this same circadian rhythm. For modern humans, this is no longer seems to be the case. In what should be a time for winding down and restoration, life only seems more frantic. While our bodies are made to deal with challenges that naturally arise in an active life, there is a critical element we tend to forget: Recovery time. We need to rest, we need to allow ourselves time to heal.......physically, mentally and emotionally. When we honor our body and allow our muscles and mind to relax, we are reawakening a primal instinct we have forgotten how to listen to. When we once again can hear what our bodies are requesting, we come away from this softer practice genuinely energized and a greater ability to focus, thus allowing us to become fully present with our loved ones during this beautiful season. Limited spaces available follow the link below to reserve your space.

$45 (Special gifts and tea will be provided included in the cost)

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